Hepa Air Purifiers

HEPA, which stands for High Efficiency Particulate Remover, is a type of air filter used to clean the air, especially in equipment such as vacuum cleaners. These air purifiers filter ambient airborne particles down to 0.3 microns in size and with a speed efficiency of 99.97%. HEPA air purifiers with their high level of efficiency have reduced the use of old air filters. They not only purify the air, but effectively remove even the smallest microns of allergens, such as dust, smoke, pollen, pet hair, bacteria, and other industrial chemicals from the atmosphere.

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Operation of HEPA air purifiers

HEPA air purifiers work by filtering allergens in the air through a HEPA air filter that traps particles allowing clean air to return to the atmosphere. The more times the air passes through the HEPA filters, the better and cleaner the air quality will be. So to date, HEPA purifiers have proven to be the most proven air purification tools. The best part about HEPA air purifiers is that they never emit by-products or secondary pollutants like ozone and ions.

The main tool that makes HEPA purifiers work so efficiently is the fan inside the filter. Fans help trap large particles in the filter pleat, while small particles and chemicals stick to the filter carbon.

Some of the HEPA air purifiers have fans that have a linear design in which air is drawn in from the back of the purifier and expelled out the front of the purifier. These units purify the air in a specific way and are very effective for bedrooms and living rooms. Others have one-way fans that draw in air from all sides of the machine and blow filtered air in all directions. These types of HEPA air purifiers are necessary to purify the air throughout the home. So whether it’s the largest or the smallest particles, HEPA air purifiers can completely clean the atmosphere.

Types of HEPA air purifiers

HEPA air purifiers are a hallmark of quality and reliability. The HEPA air purifier series comes in two basic configurations: standard with traditional electric motors and PLUS systems with G.E. Variable speed ECM, energy efficient motors. Each of these standard HEPA air purifiers is powered by digital motor technology that would not otherwise be available in any other whole house filtration system. HEPA air purifiers clean the atmosphere of the entire house effectively and instantly.

Advantages of HEPA air purifiers

With their effective technology, HEPA air purifiers have carefully tucked all other air filters into a corner. They have adopted the same filtration efficiency required in hospital surgical rooms to clean rooms and other applications where the removal of harmful respiratory elements is much needed.

The following are the advantages of HEPA air purifiers:

The compact design makes it easy to install purifiers in homes.

-Patented bypass approach allows installation in any heating / cooling system.

-Self-balancing airflow design does not add resistance to airflow.

-Three matching designed air filters, such as pre-filters, carbon air filters and HEPA air filters, help filter the air quickly and instantly.

-These air filters are highly portable and can be installed anywhere in your home.

Get HEPA air purifiers to feel the difference in clean air in your home or office.Air Purifiers An Introduction To Hepa Air Purifiers

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