Nobody knows you better, Gemini, than yourself. Yet, with the north node of the moon in your sign, you have learned something new about yourself every day. In the process, some aspects of your identity have been overcome and this eclipse invites you to get rid of those layers.


Spirituality is not static, Cancer. It’s a personal journey that can take you through many different twists. And recently, his path has taken some interesting new directions. This eclipse takes you to a crossroads. What beliefs, practices, or teachers are you willing to leave?

The more, the better, Leo! With the north node of the moon in Gemini, you have broadened your social circle and embraced more diverse voices and points of view. However, some less open friends may report your disapproval. This eclipse helps you extricate yourself from groupthink so you are free to follow your curiosity.

Turn the page, Virgo: in this eclipse you are finishing one chapter and preparing to write the next. The Gemini moon and the north node highlight the many different paths that are open for you. But before selecting your new story, make sure you’ve brought it to a satisfying conclusion.

The more you learn, the less you know: if Libra has taught you anything this year, it is the importance of keeping an open mind. Prejudices and judgments can cloud your perception, but this eclipse erases them and finds you looking at life with new eyes.

Curiosity is a precious resource, Scorpio. Luckily yours is insatiable! You rarely avoid bringing up taboo topics. And the Gemini North Node has taught you to do it in lighter, friendlier ways. However, much remains unspoken, and in this eclipse, it is time to clear things up.

People come and go, Wis. But the common thread that runs through all your relationships, past, present and future, is you. This eclipse reveals which connections have run their course and where it may be time to cut the wire. Plus, it helps you root out your relationship patterns.

Methodical Multitasking: Sounds like an oxymoron, Capricorn, but you actually make it. However, the Gemini moon and the north node can teach you some new tricks. In this eclipse, it is no longer about “being busy” for oneself. It’s about saving time and energy for more meaningful tasks.

So much inspiration, so little time! For innovators like you, Aquarius, it’s a big deal, but it can also be overwhelming. This eclipse reveals where you might be too skinny. It is time to direct your creative energies towards the ideas that matter most to you.

Do you feel like a fish out of water, Pisces? If so, you are not alone; we are all learning to adapt to our changing environment. However, this eclipse is approaching home. Reveal what you need and what you need to release to feel more comfortable in the world.

Too much information, Aries? With the north node of Gemini piquing your curiosity, it may seem like there is no such thing. However, this eclipse can make it difficult for you to make sense of all the stimuli. It is time to eliminate the distractions and release the mental clutter.

Diversify your resources, Taurus! Or at least, what counts as assets. In this eclipse, it is more than just income and investment streams. With the moon and the north node in Gemini, your ability to connect and communicate are the most valuable assets you bring to the table.

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