Planning Colors For Your Wedding Dresses

Dreaming about your wedding is one thing; planning it is another. From wedding dresses to cakes, from tuxedos to flowers, all aspects of your wedding must be carefully planned to “fit in place” on the big day! If you’ve been to one or more weddings, you probably realize the importance of wedding colors. Everything in the wedding is planned according to the colors chosen by the bride. So here is a quick guide to help you plan your wedding colors.

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Choose the right colors for your wedding dresses

Many brides use their favorite colors for their wedding dresses: pink, red, fuchsia, burgundy, plum, mauve, purple or blue. But before choosing the colors, see if you can’t find some photos from various past weddings. Look at a variety of patterns and color combinations before making your choice. You can find the colors that you like much more than your usual favorites.

Consider how the colors of your wedding dresses will look with other colorful items once everything is ready for the big wedding day. Bridesmaid dresses will be paired with flowers, tuxedos, godmother dresses, bridesmaid dresses, accessories, and even reception decor.

Wedding dresses with a touch of color

A growing trend is adding a pop of color to the bride’s wedding dress. This is perfect for the bride who wants more than just the traditional wedding dress. Some brides have the color sprinkled with embroidery throughout their wedding dress. The beautiful embroidery comes to life on the wedding dress when highlights of color are added. These are usually available in a variety of colors painted onto an ivory white wedding dress.

Try wedding color combinations

Don’t be afraid to mix unusual colors before making your choice. Some color combinations may surprise you. For example, not many would go for bright peach, bright yellow, and white, but these are truly gorgeous when paired in wedding flower arrangements with yellow dresses. Try a variety of combinations to find the right wedding colors for you.

Choose the colors that complement you

It is your special day. Choose colors that suit your hair and skin tone. You will need colors that make you look beautiful on your wedding day. If you normally look good in red, you will probably look great in red trim and red bridesmaid dresses. Maybe you can even add some red embroidery colors to your wedding dress. Whichever color suits you best, it should work well for the wedding.

Other considerations

Other things to consider before choosing your wedding colors include the colors of the church or building where the wedding will take place, as well as the reception hall, the types of flowers available for that time of year (if you use those real) and the availability of wedding dresses in those colors.

Once you have chosen the colors for your wedding dresses and flowers, you are ready to start planning the wedding. To save time, you can find a wide variety of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and even party dresses online. Make sure to choose the colors that you like best. After all, it is your special day!

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